About Us

Vigoroso Studio was established in the first quarter of 2014 with the model of Social Enterprise and under Hong Kong Children Charity Foundation (w.e.f. 18.08.2014) with financial spread and independence.
“Vigoroso” literally means being energetic in style. We, Vigoroso Studio, believes that the energy of the mind is the essence of life. We are here, grabbing chances to chase our dream with passion, energy, and persistence.

Our ambitions are high and we want to be big, but more so we want to build respected production, comfortable venues, and incredible courses, the best things we can build within our abilities. Our goal is to make products worthy of those with a discerning and critical eye.

Our missions are to make everything humanize, simplify, and efficient, also build up superiority and confidence in our team members, which is formed by a group of teenagers and young adults.

Working with creativity and innovation, we are using new shots of angles for our video productions and graphic designs. We continue to expand our services to meet emerging customer needs powered by different photographic equipment. We are advocates for our customers, put them at the center of everything we do, and give them outstanding services.